Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I trust when I get injured on the job?

Don Antonio Fendon is board certified by the State of Arizona as an attorney specializing in Worker’s Compensation cases for over 46 years.

What happens when I get injured on the job?

  1. When injured tell your supervisor as soon as possible after the accident occurs never minimize it because it may be worst than you think and especially with regard to back, shoulder or knee injuries. (try to give your supervisor a written statement as to how the accident occurred. Then keep a written copy of the report that you gave to your supervisor
  2. go see you doctor as soon as possible; if your employer wants you to go to Concentra or another facility like that right after accident go and go see you doctor next.
  3. file a workers compensation claim at the Industrial Commission of Arizona at 800 West Washington Street in Phoenix, 85007; or go online at cite of the Arizona Industrial Commission;
  4. call the law offices of Don A. Fendon, PLLC if you think the injury is serious–our number is 602-256-2000; his administrative assistant is Dana Marllette and her e-mail address is: or

What happens if I am permanently disabled from an on the job injury?

Don Fendon has handled many such cases and always enhances permanent monthly awards and/or settlements.

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